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About Us

Gee Lillie is a family owned business specializing in providing memorable moments to all beautiful little girls. The vision started many years ago from the values instilled in our family from our beloved grandmother Lillian “Gee Lillie”. She raised 3 beautiful little girls.  We were taught at an early age that all little girls are beautiful no matter their size, race, or abilities. Our message is very simple all little girls are one of a kind, beautiful and unique.

If you’re celebrating a birthday party or just stopping by one of our locations, our goal is to provide excellent service only fit for a princess. Smiles, encouragement, and girl power are free of charge to all our patrons!

You may be thinking why did we choose an elephant as our mascot? Simply because elephants are extremely intelligent, sensitive and empathetic and who doesn’t love an elephant wearing a Tutu all dolled up.



Mommy and me events

Our Mommy and Me events are filled with fun activities, only fit for a queens and a princes.


Create your own Glam bar

Come in and experience a great time creating your custom lip gloss, sugar scrubs and perfumes at our Gee Lillie glam bar.


Birthday Parties

Let Gee Lillie host your private birthday day party.  We specialize in fun smiles and everlasting memories.

Create your own
Glam bar

Clothing & Accessories

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